“Ukrainian League of Disabled People “Nadiya”


President of “Ukrainian League of Disabled People “Nadiya” Roman Moriev


Head of the Board of “Ukrainian League of Disabled People “Nadiya” Lidiya Morieva


Our Goals and Activities

Unfortunately, our Ukrainian reality is that the state social assistance to poor citizens with disabilities of Ukraine cannot provide them with a living wage, and furthermore can’t provide the full treatment and rehabilitation, that’s why we are supplying them humanitarian aid, including clothes, shoes, food, medical devices, which are vital for them.

The situation was complicated especially after large numbers of disabled people appeared after military operations in Eastern Ukraine and after prices were raised due to the depreciation of the Ukrainian national currency.

We established our NGO «Ukrainian League of Disabled People “Nadiya” in order to help people with disabilities in this difficult time of our country.

According to the Statute, the main aims of our NGO are:

–           to promote broad participation of disabled persons in public life;

–           to provide them affordable job, protection of economic, social, cultural, civil and other interests of the disabled;

–           protection and rehabilitation of disabled people, their adaptation to the modern life.

Our NGO founder is Lidiya Morieva, sociologist.  The NGO CEO is Roman Moriev, scientist in the field of biomedicine. We are working in close cooperation with the team of the Charitable Foundation of Ukraine. There are also experienced physician-rehabilitologists in our team.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, there were thousands injured soldiers and civilians in Ukraine. There are no medical facilities in Kyiv that adequately provide Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) and Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) therapies for such number of patients. Average commercial prices CPM and FES, large distances to rehabilitation institutions make therapy unavailable for those afflicted. The state aid is not enough to provide these indispensable types of therapy.

Our ambitious aim is to develop socially oriented Rehabilitation Centre for disabled and people that could be treated to avoid disability in the Centre. The Rehabilitation Centre will provide CPM and FES for poor patients and veterans for free. We’re going to expand the center in the future.


9 Lisoviy pr, apt. 65, Kiev, Ukraine, 02166

Tel. +38 (068) 7163662

e-mail: NGO.Nadiya@i.ua










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