Foundation History

Our Charitable Foundation joined the team of like-minded people and patriots of Ukraine, who did not stay indifferent in a difficult for our country time. The most fun we have when we do something for other people when set ourselves the aim of improving the living conditions of other people when join some great things and try to have a positive impact on the world around us.


We already have more than a year living with the daily tragic news in Ukraine. The difficult political and economic situation adversely affects the civilian population. Affects people who live in areas where there are (or were) fights. Suffering migrants, and all the people who are affected by the economic crisis in the country. Not enough clothes, medicines, water and food that are basic necessities, but also other people who have left their homes, and those whose homes were destroyed, need help.


Our foundation aims to support Ukraine by organizing a charity event to raise funds. We strive to use their own experience, resources, and its logistical capabilities, as well as encourage other people to join our action in order to assist the affected citizens of Ukraine.


Our Fund’s founder is – Galushka Christine Vladislavovna who before deciding to devote time to charitable activities has been engaged in entrepreneurial activity. The Fund CEO is Artur Vasilevich Manuilov previously engaged only in the business related to real estate.

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